Joule Salon has developed a culture of honesty, integrity, trust, and friendship. With the support of each other the possibilities of growth in our careers are endless…

Associate training Institute

Our Associate Program is a comprehensive hands-on experience that provides training in the areas of technical skills, guest handling and business building. Our Associates work with one dedicated service provider to grow into a career hairdresser. Like our service providers, our Associate Program has a performance based level system. There are 4 levels. Each level has specific skill sets that are the focus of training for that level only. With each level jump there is a raise in hourly wage and the opportunity to move up to the next level. The salon provides an environment for growth, learning and support. It is our commitment that every associate graduates from our program with a seamless transition from associate to stylist with the skills necessary for success in our industry. 

We are always on the lookout for potential associates with passion, eagerness to learn and a willingness to be trained and coached.

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Joule Salon Associate Training Institute Testimonials

Moving from New York recently my biggest fear was not finding a salon that I would not only love, but one that I could continue to grow with. Finding Joule Salon was on the best things that could have ever happened. In my five short months I have learned more then I could have imagined! From the start Lisa and the girls were so welcoming and helpful, any questions I had were answered and explained fully which really helped. Lisa takes time from her own bust day to coach on all aspects of the day-to-day procedures of the salon. If your looking to grow in an upscale salon look no further, join our awesome team here at Joule Salon!  -S.S.

Starting as a hairstylist in a new area is never easy. Finding Joule Salon was the best thing that could have happened to me! Lisa and the team not only helped bring my skill to a new level, but also helped teach me how to build relationships with new clients. Being a part of Joule’s team builds confidence and skills that are used in every part of life, as well as in the industry. Choose to be a part of our team at Joule Salon and NEVER stop learning!  -L.P.

After graduating beauty school four years ago I started my journey on finding the perfect salon to call home. I was looking for a place where I could not

only grow as a hairdresser, but a place that would not take away time from my daughter! After many interviews I met Lisa, the owner and knew Joule would be a perfect fit. As I was a new hairdresser there was a lot for me to learn. Lisa and the other girls took their time to help me further my knowledge in the industry and helped me build my clientele. Three years later, I am still here and loving it! I have moved up levels and now have a steady clientele, which I absolutely love. Lisa is always looking to teach us more and is a very caring boss. She is easy to talk to, and will help not only in guiding your career but in your personal life as well!   -N.P.

Relocating to North Carolina was a very big change from my hometown of Ventura California, but I was determined to find salon that would fit me best. One day while walking around the shopping center I stopped in and met Lisa. She was very welcoming and informative. I was immediately interested and set up an interview. The interview process was one of the best I’ve had, I felt very comfortable and at ease and Lisa made it a wonderful experience. I was ecstatic to have earned the position. I began my journey in the associate program, and Lisa helped me grow and become a confident, educated stylist. I’m grateful for the other girls here and the team effort we all put in. I would suggest this program for anyone who is looking to grow and learn in this ever-growing industry.   -S.C.

Being a hair stylist of four years I found I had stopped pushing myself to learn new and improved techniques, and was not working towards my full potential- then I met Lisa! She helped me grow as a stylist and as a person, she helped push me to keep learning and evolving.  Being a team member for the past 5 years I have grown so  much in both my professional life and my personal life. I love working as a team and being able to be apart of a positive and up beat environment.    -K.F.

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