Thank you Lisa Lefante Rivoli for volunteering your time and love today to give my new post chemo hair do. You touched my heart today along with the many other survivors you have helped. My kids love my new do. Thank you for your support!

"Each one should use what gift they have received to serve others."

Philanthropy - The Light of Joule

 What we offer to our community

First cut & head shaving
Free shampoo & blow dry post mastectomy until no longer needed
Post chemo; we guide, assist and support you during the   grow in stage of your new hair.. For example sometimes the hair can grow in curly, course, and uneven. You can come in for a haircut, shaping, or just a clean up style with one of our level 1 stylist at no cost any time that is convenient to you.
Graduation – Once the hair has grown to a comfortable manageable length you graduate from “the light of joule” program and become a friend, client and part of the joule family.

919.297.0152   |   4242 NW Cary Parkway  |  Cary, NC 27513

At Joule Salon we are a large community made up of women and men. Like any community, when someone is touched by an illness or a tragedy it affects us all and it's only natural to want to help each other.

One of our clients, we will call her “Paula” had a double mastectomy. I learned during that time that you cannot shower or wash your hair for a few days and you cannot lift your arms up. Paula asked if some of the girls could go to her house to shampoo and dry her hair. I replied, to feel free to come into the salon for a shampoo and blow dry for as long as she needed to at no charge. 

About a year later, I received an email mail from a very sweet gentleman. I could hear the concern in his voice while discussing what his wife was going through. He heard that our salon offers a free shampoo & blow dry for women that have had a mastectomy as was hoping we could help his wife.

It warms my heart and gives me great joy to know that we are able to help in some small way. I knew the moment I received the email that I wanted to open my salon so that our clients and friends in our community could have a place to go to feel clean, pretty, and loved.

Join us and help us spread the word in our local community. Thanks so much!

Lisa Rivoli